The end is nigh – for traditional working methods

Mike Richards

A big majority of readers say they expect working tonever return to “traditional” ways thanks to coronavirus.

Continuing our theme of people gravitating to media they trustin these strange times, reports its site is being used more frequentlythan normal.  

There is, among its readers, an increased optimism. Three infour (72%) are confident their company can navigate through this crisis. One inthree (31%) expect a ‘major change’ in their respective industries. But perhapsmost eye-opening of all, four in five (80%) believe traditional ways of workingare likely to change for the long-term.

Meanwhile in Germany, G&J, a large German publisher, hasreleased research showing how Germany’s media usage has changed.

The leading habit changes are: 71% are now catching up oncurrent affairs, 54% are watching more TV and 45% are watching more streamingvideos. 21% of Germans have subscribed to one of these services for the firsttime and 85% of those say they’ll keep it post-crisis.  

15% have checked their insurance policies and 11% have takenout new policies. 13% have postponed buying any new financial products at all.

41% are refraining from buying anything expensive. 40% havepostponed their holidays and 44% have postponed buying large items offurniture.

When they are buying any products, Germans are looking forhigh quality brands.

NZZ, the large Swiss/German quality newspaper, produced anarticle showing a timeline of what had happened with the virus in Switzerland,comparing it (rather favourably) with other countries.  

It showed their immediacy with acting, highlighting thedeficiencies in other countries, all demonstrating how the Swiss came, veryquickly, out of lockdown.

Back in the altruistic UK, the weekly update from TI Mediashows that one in four people who didn’t give to charity before are nowconsidering it. Half of people are now quite happy shopping online, but morepeople are also increasing their spending on local produce and cooking fromscratch.  

The consumer panel TI use are consuming more content abouttheir passions with Cycling Week and Amateur Gardening leading the way – asartorial paradox of new, Lycra, and old, gardening legwear.