A quarter of high-net-worths want more information to help improve their finances

Mike Richards

A quarter of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) want moreinformation to help with their money, research from TI Media has found, while this group overwhelmingly still look to trusted advisers during the crisis.

TI Media has looked at HNWIs and their views on finance andhow they’ve changed over the past three months. The sample size was 120 – menand women of all adult ages, earning £70k+ and 87% owned some form of assets.The headline findings were:

·        Just under a third (31%) have said they will betaking their finances more seriously

·        One in four (25%) would like more information onmanaging their finances more effectively

·        Three in five (59%) would like financialproducts to be easier to compare and understand

·        Just under half (46%) are confident their financialinvestments are getting maximum returns

When asked who they trust about finance, this group mentionedtheir financial adviser first (45%), then accountants (28%), family &friends (18%) and financial websites (15%).

During this period 22% have increased their investments, while8% have decreased them.  

One in five (21%) of this group worry about their financialinvestments. More than half (55%) use an adviser. Nine in 10 (90%) have said‘no’ to payment holidays. One in three (33%) are concerned about theirretirement finances. Nearly a quarter (23%) find pensions confusing and 13%would be interested in a financial wealth check.

People getting out and about

Our Out-of-home ( OOH) colleagues at Open Outdoor (part ofDentsu Aegis) have conducted a mobility index, showing if people are travellingand where. It would appear that 67% of the UK population are moving about –this is creeping up week by week.

While few people are travelling to city centres, it wouldappear Bristol is a place where people are moving about more and in certainpockets of Greater London: Neasden, Croydon and Colindale.

People have rarely gone further than 2km, but this will changegiven many shopping centres will be re-opening soon thus providing moreopportunities for people to see out of home inventory.

This week’s study shows that people are now venturing outsidetheir own exclusion zone. This demonstrates the emerging value of OOHadvertising.

Elsewhere, even with Germany slowly returning to normal in thepast four weeks, the German financial daily newspaper, Handelsblatt, has seenincreases of 42% to their homepage and 110% to their finance section.

In the UK, Trustnet’s traffic grows each week with last weekshowing a year-on-year change of nearly three-fold of consumers looking at newson the site.

Another finance research site which has shown growth with itsnewsletters is Morningstar, with 22% growth globally and 27% in the UK.